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Organizational Design

Organization Design

We assist you in bringing everyone on board with your mission. We provide the structure and methods that workforce require to succeed. And a culture that inspires and encourages them. The company’s strategic direction determines organizational design.

Change Management

Change Management

Businesses must be adaptable and prepared to make smart decisions, and those who can do so will be subjected to a lot of change in a short span. Change Management could result from a variety of variables, including technology, shift in skills, external & internal objectives.

Strategic Workforce Planning

Strategic Workforce Planning

To achieve the vision, strategic workforce planning defines a strategy to ensure that the business has the correct mix of talent, technologies, skills and right number of workforce which is aligned towards achieving business strategy and goals.

Pandemic has been source of stress
Accelerated Digital Transformation
Average skill gaps in workforce

Workplace Trends

Working remotely, learning, working, and teaming up online, as well as promoting resilience and inclusivity in the workplace, have all become part of the New Normal of Work.

How we work, where we work, and the technologies you were using to stay in touch with coworkers and clients will all transform in the future.

Why GeopFX HR Consulting would be a right choice for you

GeopFX is a firm that specializes in professional services. Our aim is to assist enterprises in accelerating value generation, driving growth, and developing varied talents and a positive work culture. On a range of HR subjects, we have generated high-quality information, data, and analytics.

  • Developing Strategy Plan

  • Succession Plan

  • Effective Organization Analysis

  • Strategic Workforce Planning

  • Performance Management

  • Change Management

Review Organization Strategy, Workforce & Processess

We create a strategy that flows from the mission to the targets to the value proposition to the go-to-market and then to the company.

Develop Requirements, Strategy and Workforce Forecasting

Identify future workforce requirements based on gaps, future skill needs, employee turnover & other strategic initiatives.

Implement, Monitior & Evaluate Planned Strategies

To establish the success of planned changes and their impact on corporate performance, the efficacy of strategies is assessed.

A dialogue is where your company's transformation begins.

 When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.                                                                                                           

 - Simon Sinek

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